The Holy Quran: 2:251 says

Then they defeated them with the Authority of Allah and David killed Goliath and Allah gave him the kingdom and wisdom and taught him of the things He willed. And were it not that Allah defends mankind, some of them by means of the others, the earth would be full of disorder. But Allah is the Bestower of Grace on the people of the world. (The Holy Quran , Surah 2 verse 251).

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sheikh Imran Hosein: 4 Dajjal's Deadliest Weapon and Bankster Fraud.

Sheikh Imran Hussein points out the the injustice and fraud caused by the fiat currency system and why a gold and silver standard is necessary to restore true wealth and happiness to man.

The function of money is to
1. provide a medium of equitable exchange
2. provide a measure of value to the item which is exchanged
3.provide a store of value that over time cannot be eroded

With the system of fiat(or fake) money as put up by the greatest fraudulent bank called the Federal Reserve Bank or the Fed, we do not have the above 3 points in operation as manipulation and inflation causes the value of money to erode and the value of assets to depreciate over time. Just what banksters need in order to feed off the people.

The people of the US have been made suckers of by these banksters. In 1931, gold was confiscated from the US public under threat of imprisonment and a US$10,000 fine. Then in 1934, the Fed went ahead to sell that confiscated gold at more than the price it bought( from US$20 an ounce to US$35 an ounce). That's how these banksters got rich, by FRAUD!

US President Kennedy was about to reverse all this and we know what happened to him. Eustace Mullins points out more in his book Secrets of the Federal Reserve and other videos.

You can be assured that US is now planning to do another 1931 on the people again. This time it will be done Globally. 

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