The Holy Quran: 2:251 says

Then they defeated them with the Authority of Allah and David killed Goliath and Allah gave him the kingdom and wisdom and taught him of the things He willed. And were it not that Allah defends mankind, some of them by means of the others, the earth would be full of disorder. But Allah is the Bestower of Grace on the people of the world. (The Holy Quran , Surah 2 verse 251).

Saturday, February 18, 2012


MOSSAD at it again? This time destroying WHOLE countries, including JAPAN? The use of nukes to cause earthquakes or Tsunamis was researched way back in 1940's. This is old science given a new 21st Century twist.Hear the broadcast at and find out more.

Please read my older piece on Plutonium is in the Air we breathe at this link

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